DWDM Mux/DeMux

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    The MXD44/MXD44_P is a DWDM Mux/DeMux card for 44 channels in the C band (Ch. 17-Ch. 60) with 100 GHz spacing and E/W configuration. The MXD44/MXD44_P occupies a double slot in the OPT9624 and OPT9608 platforms. All connections to the card are made from the front panel and all connectors are LC type. The MXD44 and MXD44_P cards are very similar. The only difference between them is that the system management can detect and read the MXD44 properties (like the Serial No. and HW Rev.), while the MXD44_P is a totally passive and doesn't support this option.
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    • Model: MXD44_P
    • Manufacturer: ECI

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